This collection of prints has been created out of my love of photography, history and London. 

My aim was to record some of what are probably the most original street names in the world.

I criss-crossed Greater London on my bike and on foot (and very occasionally by car) to photograph the signs. This was not always straightforward: weather conditions had to be just right (neither too sunny, nor too cloudy); some signs hovered almost out of reach in high places, some played hide and seek behind vegetation; and some traffic hot spots reduced camera angle options whilst occasionally raising eyebrows in people passing by. 

My professional background is in television documentary production. In recent years, I have worked as an independent researcher (murbachresearch.com) while looking after our three children. After having lived and worked in London for 20 years, I am now based on the edge of the Black Forest in Southern Germany.

This site offers what I believe is the largest photographic collection of London street signs. If you are interested in using any of my photographs for a bespoke purpose (advertising, publishing, special occasions, etc.), please get in touch.